• Student Study Team

    If a family member, specialist, teacher, or administrator has concerns about a students' progress, they are welcome and encouraged to call a Student Study Team (SST) meeting. In this meeting, caring adults come together to discuss students' strengths, progress, and challenges. These important meetings are an essential first step to designing an intervention program that best serves each student's unique needs!

    After-school interventions

    At McDowell, we collaborate to establish and analyze assessments that tell us if students will benefit from additional support in English Language Arts, English Language Development, and/or Mathematics. We are excited to invite some small groups of students to receive small-group support! Contact your student's teacher to see whether your student is eligible for after school support.

    Learning Center support

    McDowell Elementary respects each unique learner. Our experienced teachers adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of each student. The specialists on our Learning Team help us support all of our students! Our specialists include...

    • Reading specialist
    • Speech-language therapist
    • Psychologist
    • Bilingual Resource Teacher (BRT)
    • Guidance specialist/counselor
    • Education Specialist - Resource Specialist (RSP)
    • Education Specialist - Special Day Class (SDC)