Petaluma High School Clubs

  • Interested in joining a club?

    Here is a comprehensive list of the current clubs offered on campus. Feel free to reach out to the Club Advisors or President for more information on how to join. 

    Name of Club When? Where? Staff advisor President
    Academic World Quest TBD TBD TBD Georgiana Morris
    America's Future Medical Professional Tuesdays at lunch (A day) F-10 Ms. Yannes Eva Harriman/Sadie Greenberg
    Art Club Wednesday at lunch F-8 Mr. Harrison Lily Cruz
    Art of Noise Club Wednesday at lunch E-2 Mr. Dawsari Natalie Frances
    BIPOC Club Wednesdays at lunch (B days) TBD Ms. Lowell/Ms. Mason Jaden Gregorio
    BSA (Bilingual Student Ambassadors) Thursday A-days at lunch C-8 Ms. Moreno Sandy Maldonado
    Circle of Friends Wednesdays at lunch Butterfly Garden (B-1 when rainy) Ms. Mason Hope Carver & Kaiella Burns
    Coastal Clean Up Club Every other Tuesday F-13 Ms. Camacho Tatum Plessas
    Crafts & Art Club Wednesday at lunch E-7 Ms. Garcia Petra Mozersky
    Crumbl Club Fridays at lunch (A days) A3 Mr. Granados Reilly Kreutz
    Cryptocurrency Club Tuesdays/bi monthly lunch C-14 Ms. O'Connor Jack Pattison
    CSF TBD TBD Ms. O'Connor Vacant
    Dance Club Wednesday at lunch Gym Ms. Barker Lhomme/Ms. Cuff Sienna Kelly
    Dice, Ducks, and Dragons Friday at lunch (B Day) E-2 Mr. Dawsari Matthew Rodrigues
    Drama Club Tuesdays at lunch C-3 Hilary Smith Gabby Isaza
    Eco-Fashion Club Tuesdays (B Day) F-13 Ms. Camacho Maya Hoffman
    ED Support Community First A day of the week at lunch F-12 Ms. Walters Sydnie Potts/Linnea Tisell
    Engineering & Robotics Club TBD TBD Mr. Brazil Andrew Heller
    Environmental Club Thursdays at lunch F-13 Ms. Camacho Maya Scholnick
    FFA Monthly - TBD TBD Kim Arntz/Jake Dunn Emma Stafford
    Financial Gains Club Every other Thursday C-14 Ms. O'Connor Andrew Heller
    Flash Mob Club Mondays & Wednesday at lunch Gym Hilary Smith/Ms. Maya Lydia Louviere
    French Club Thursday at lunch (B days) C-13 Ms. Barker Lhomme Grace Boothby
    Friday Film Club Fridays at lunch E-5 Mr. Cochrane Vanessa Bowles/Alexi Navarro
    Future Women Leaders of Business & Industry Zoom meetings (outside of school) Zoom Mr. Aja Katie Hale & Macey Newbold
    GSA Friday at lunch A-2 Ms. Redfield Sofia Alverde
    Interact Every other Wednesday at lunch F-4 Ms. Lowell Georgina Morris
    Jesus Club Fridays F-13 Ms. Camacho Zachary Parelius/Luke Naugle
    JSA (Junior State of America) Tuesdays at lunch A-5 Ms. Lounibos Nic Anxolabehere
    Library Club Wednesdays at lunch (B Day) Library Ms. Britten Stephanie Cardiel
    Link Crew First Thursday of each month at A+ Library Ms. Britten Vacant
    NHS TBD   Ms. O'Connor Vacant
    PHASE (Petaluma High Auto Shop) 2 times/month after school Auto Shop Mr. Benson Ryan Steiner
    Photography Club Every other Thursday (A Day) E-3 Mr. Schwartz Max Pedrotti Jacobs
    Recycling Club TBD F-11 Mr. Tacata Ezra Lemesh
    Skills USA Wednesdays at lunch (B Day) A-6 Mr. Jones Teresa Solorio
    Trojan Student Ambassadors (TSA) TBD TBD Ms. Greeson Jordan Beardslee
    Trojan True First A day at lunch monthly D-1 Ms. McClelland Gianna Scaccalosi/Jordan Beardslee
    Water Polo Club Tuesday & Thursday after school PHS Pool Ms. Greeson Gabriella Trave
    Youth Employment Advocacy Club Mondays C-6 Ms. Kovanis Mara Birnbaum