District GATE Information

  • All third-grade students in Petaluma City Schools are given a GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) qualification assessment. A parent may request testing for an older student during the district-wide window.  Students who are identified as GATE may receive adjusted instruction and assignments within their regular education classroom. GATE instruction varies by school. 

    Teachers and administration work to ensure that the needs of all GATE students are being met.

    The cycle for GATE identification includes information gathering from multiple sources. Students are qualified through a committee process that analyzes multiple criteria including standardized test scores, teacher and parent observations and anecdotes, the student profile, and the results of the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test).


    GATE Update May 2021

    Hello PCS Third Grade Families,

    Every year our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) identification cycle occurs in winter and early spring. The cycle for GATE identification consists of a cognitive abilities screener assessment, identification and recommendation of gifted and talented students, and parent confirmation of their student being identified as GATE in our district. This year, our cycle has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The testing process requires that we test all students in person. Given the restrictions that have been and continue to be in place, we have postponed GATE testing in our district to the Fall of 2021.

    When we return in person this Fall, we will test our current third-grade students (who will then be fourth-grade students) by September 30, 2021. We will complete identifying GATE students from the Fall testing and notify families of the results.

    In February and March, we will shift back to our normal cycle of testing the third-grade students (who are currently second-grade students). We will review the results from those assessments to identify GATE students and share the results with families.

    If you have any questions, please email Jason Sutter, Director of Educational Services jsutter@petk12.org.


    Information on the current District Gifted and Talented Learner Plan


    McKinley GATE Coordinator for 2021-22: Glenn Berry