• Marine Science

  • Marine Science is taught by 2018 County Teacher of the Year Runner Up, Phil Tacata. Check out the video on this page to learn a little more about Mr. Tacata!

    Course Information: Marine Science at Petaluma High is designed to cover both the physical and biological aspects of the marine environment including, but not limited to:

    • The Biology of Marine Mammals
    • Weather and Climate
    • Zones of the Ocean
    • Currents and Waves
    • Kelp Forest Ecology
    • Wetland Ecology
    • The Effects of Plastics
    • Pollutants on Marine Ecosystems, Ichthyology, Marine Invertebrate Biology, Marine Birds, and Aquaculture.

    Field trips are included and participation is an integral part of the course. Fundraising and non-school hour volunteer work (community service-based) are required. This course meets the Subject Area “d” requirement of the UC/CSU approved course list.

Mural in Marine Science classroom