• Mission, Vision, View of Education & Tenets


    Mission Statement

    Students appreciate who they are as well as respecting differences and diversity. Our hope is that students will leave the process of education more curious than when they entered it. This curiosity about life would give students a sense of competence and confidence that comes from years of learning creative, problem-solving, and thinking skills. This confidence would impel students to continue to satisfy their curiosity and willingness to be responsible for others within our global society to make it better for all. (Mary Collins – former Principal and namesake)

    Vision Statement

    We believe the purpose of education to be one that helps all students develop the best that is in them for success in our global world.  

    View of Education

    Students will:

    • Resolve conflicts peacefully and live in harmony with others.
    • Pose probing questions and know how to find answers and solutions.
    • Read, write, speak, and use language with imagination and precision.
    • Take pleasure in their learning and pride in their accomplishments.
    • Honor imagination and creativity.
    • Challenge themselves to reach for high standards and persevere to achieve their goals.


    We believe:

    • Meaningful learning occurs when students construct their own knowledge for authentic purposes.
    • Children need many learning experiences and a safe community in order to be risk-takers and move along their individual developmental continua.
    • Children learn from and are inspired by their environment and the natural world.
    • All members of our community will engage in direct, honest, and respectful communication.
    • Children learn reading best through authentic uses of language: listening, speaking, reflecting, viewing, and writing.
    • Students can demonstrate evidence of academic growth in a variety of ways. Teachers and students use multiple measures and reflection to guide further learning.
    • Students will interact responsibly and compassionately as members of a diverse world when they are encouraged to think critically. We cultivate students’ ability to think critically and act toward social justice.
    • Multi-age classrooms to support both the academic and social growth of our students.