• Mission & Vision

    Vision Statement

    Upon graduation Carpe Diem and Sonoma Mountain High School students will have a personal plan for life after high school, which includes: 

    • College and/or Career Plan
    • Academic Success and Employability
    • Social and Emotional Well-Being


    Mission Statement

    Carpe Diem and Sonoma Mountain High Schools provide a personalized approach to education that supports each individual student by engaging them in the development of their vision for future post-secondary success. 

    • Our academic approach integrates standards based instruction, technology and the development of 21st century skills.
    • We acknowledge students’ unique personal and educational backgrounds and provide a flexible, supportive learning environment in order to best fit their personal, social/emotional, and educational needs.
    • Our students participate in career explorations through college and career counseling, presentations, field trips and classroom activities.