• About Us

    RISE Academy is for eighth and ninth-graders who:

    • May struggle at the comprehensive sites
    • Will do better at a smaller school with more support and reduced class sizes
    • Can benefit from more individual counseling hours

    In addition to the regular curriculum, we focus on life skills and study skills to help the teens become better students and more socially adept.  We can more thoroughly assess our students and meet their individual needs.  Ideally, they will go on to be successful at a comprehensive site.

    Our Vision

    Students learning skills to make positive choices for life, growing academically, socially, and emotionally, and leaving prepared for success in high school and beyond.

    Our Mission:

    At RISE we believe all students can succeed. Our mission is to cultivate a safe, effective, supportive and nurturing community with positive and consistent structure ensuring our students develop a strong socio-emotional foundation. We expect high levels of achievement from our students as measured by district and state standards, as well as increased attendance, decreased behavioral issues, and overall personal growth.


    Staff Directory

    All staff is committed to having high expectations for our students' learning. We work closely with our families and provide a curriculum that is personalized, engaging and relevant to real life and the world we live in. We encourage students to achieve their very best, help them set personal goals and promote personal excellence.
  • Administration Office

    • Ms. Becky Lofton, Principal
    • Mr. Eric Smith, Assistant Principal     
    • Mrs. Jenni Snook, (Secretary, Attendance & Records)                        

    Teaching Staff                                            

    • Mr. Eric Smith (Mathematics)
    • Ms. Janine Bender (Mathematics and Computers)
    • Ms. Karen Kesseru (Art, Science)
    • Mrs. Kylie Cecchini Haynes (English Language Arts / English Language Development)                                                         
    • Mr. Doug Carhart (Special Education)

    Campus Supervisor                         

    Mrs. Jenni Snook

    Instructional Support                                      

    Mrs. Stephanie Marcotte  (Instructional Assistant)

    Custodial Staff

    Mr.  Efren Flores (Head Custodian)