You're a star!


  • Congratulations to all those students receiving a special award from Superintendent Gary Callahan for their perfect or excellent attendance in 2017-18:

    Nicolas A., Ivan C., Miguel G., Jessica K., Giovanna M., Jose P., Christian A., Vanessa D., Julissa O., America P., Jasminne A., Emily R., Julia A., Mayra P., Sherlin S., Mayte V., Shawn V., Leith A., Stephanie G., Joseph P., Joselyn V., Gheith A., Yesenia A., Jolas B., Luis G., Carlos H, Jose T., Ameer A., Joel A., Jonathan C., Esmeralda M., Tamica T., Emily M., Eric R., Aaron M., Pablo R., Marcos A., Karen G., Cesar Kevin T., Diego V., Salma A., Ella L., Sonia L., Alejandra R., and Celine R.


    These students had perfect or excellent attendance in 2016-17. They were honored in our end-of-year assembly, and received a special prize! Excellent job to these students and their families:

    • Gheith A.
    • Yesenia A.R.
    • Martha P.C.
    • Miguel G.A.
    • Yaretzi G.A.
    • Kenny J.R.
    • Emily R.