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    The athletics clearance form is linked below to print and is always included in the orientation packet. Extra forms are available in the office as well. Both sides need to be filled out completely and signed by the student, parent, and physician. Your child's doctor must sign the form or provide a doctor's note that the student is cleared to participate in Junior High Sports. The doctor's note or signature must be dated July 1st, 2021 or after in order to play sports at Kenilworth in the 2021/22 school year. If you use a doctor's note, you must still complete the form, but you can leave the space for the doctor's signature blank. Your student can turn it in to Annie in the main office or completed forms can be emailed to anagel@petk12.org. You will need to read through and agree to the KJHS athletics agreements and guidelines on the website.

    We suggest a $60 donation for each sport your student plays upon placement on a team. These donations are what support our athletic programs. This donation is not intended to prohibit any student from participating in any sport. If there is any reason you cannot donate, please make an appointment to speak with the Principal or Athletic Director. All donations collected will be used for officials and equipment in all sports.

    Physical Clearance Form- English

    Physical Clearance Form- Spanish

    KJHS Athletics Agreements and Guidelines

    Make a Donation To KJHS Athletics