• Q: Where do I register for sports? 

    A: All registration is done online. 

    Q: How much does it cost to participate?   

    A: There is a recommended donation of $60 per sport to the Athletics Department.  Donation money covers costs of officials, field/court maintenance, and equipment.  

    Q: Where/how can I donate? 

    A: Please donate online or bring a check, cash, or money order to the office once your student has made the team. Click here to donate online!

    Q: What does my child need to participate? 

    A: On the registration page there is a link to download and print a medical release document.  This is a mandatory form that needs to get signed by the student athlete's physician, parent, and the student athlete.  This is done at the student's physical, which must be dated after July 1st for the participating school year.  

    Q: Where does my child bring their paperwork? 

    A: Please bring all paperwork to the student window.  Once your athletic clearance is turned in and registration is completed online, your child is cleared to participate.