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  • Whether you are planning to attend a junior college, trade school, or a four-year college/university, there are local and national scholarships available for you.


    Local Scholarhips for the 2021-2022 school year will updated in Dec 2021 and shared with students through google classroom and Parentsquare.

PHS Scholarships

  • Outside Scholarships

    There are many scholarship websites and applications available. These will often hold national scholarships and scholarships offered by companies. If you are interested in expanding your scholarship search, you can register with these sites.

    Recommendations for using scholarship websites/applications:

    Create an email address (at gmail, yahoo, etc.) you use for scholarship sites. Once you register, you may get many emails from these sites, so you don't want to overwhelm your inbox. Creating a separate email address can help with this.

    Make sure you NEVER pay to apply to a scholarship.

    Understand what you are agreeing to when you apply for scholarships. Some may use your contact information and add you to mail-lists for companies.

    IMPORTANT: The options listed below are offered as ideas but not specifically endorsed. Make sure you are reading through the information provided for any scholarships you are applying to and accounts you are creating.