• Seniors

  • 12th Grade Required Classes: 
    Seniors must take at least 5 classes for the year. 
    1. English: ERWC (Expository Reading and Writing), English 12 AP Or ELD 4 
    2. Social Studies: Government & Economics, 1 semester of each, AP and Ag are available. 
    3. Electives: At least 3 electives in the fall semester, see offerings in the course description section of the course catalog. At least 2 years of a language other than English are needed to meet a-g requirements for 4 year colleges and universities. 4 years of math and science are also recommended.

    Tips for Seniors: 

    • Get your college applications done EARLY! 
    • When requesting letters of recommendation please allow at least 2 weeks. And remember to write thank you cards! 
    • If you have any Ds or Fs on your transcript, go see your counselor ASAP 
    • Attend the College Rep Visits 
    • Visit the college & career center website to check out various scholarships 
    • Keep your grades up, don't get senioritis! 
    • Remember to have fun - This is your last year of high school, make it a memorable one. 


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