McKinley TK-6th Grade General Education Program


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     McKinley scholars are caring, self-directed, and reflective learners who advocate to make the world a better place. McKinley scholars take risks and think critically in a rigorous and student-centered 21st-century learning environment. McKinley scholars are global citizens who are active participants in their learning and celebrate their diversity.

     Character Development and Building a Positive Community of Learners

    • Balance between play and academics
    • Small school feel with the advantage of having big buddy classes
    • Program that values and builds upon individual strengths
    • Family engagement

    Fostering Global Citizenship and Diversity

    • Core belief that diverse friendships make us better global citizens
    • Foster cross-cultural competence and communication
    • Foreign-language instruction through content
    • Support for diverse learning styles - all students can and should be successful
    • Art, Garden, Sports and Family Involvement

    Inquiry-Based and Student-Driven Learning

    • Focus on learning by doing
    • Community-service oriented learning
    • Simulated and Conceptual Learning
    • Project-Based learning emphasis

    Academic Focus on STEAM

    • Belief in the importance of developing a love for learning
    • Emphasis on real-world exploration, innovation, and critical analysis (Coding, Robotics, Renewable Resources, etc.)
    • 1:1 iPad program and use of technology as a tool for learning and creation
    • Weekly Music and Art instruction
    • Environmental Ecology through gardening
    • CCSS Aligned Curriculum

    Spanish Instruction at all grade levels


    McKinley Vision


    MCKINLEY INSPIRES: Innovation. Nurturing Spirit. STEM Focus. Project-Based Learning. Inclusivity. Responsibility. Engagement. Student-Centered Learning.