• The online clearance process has moved from SportsNet to CIF Home Campus. However, the process for students and families is very similar. See directions below for how to complete the clearance packet, then visit  homecampus.com to start the process. Also included below is the form that your physician should complete and must be uploaded to the homecampus site. The date of physical must be after June 10th, 2023 for the 23-24 school year. 

    Home Campus information

    Medical Clearance Form

    Helpful Hints: 

    Make sure you have your student's ID number when completing the clearance packet. 

    The Medical Clearance Form will need to be uploaded and will not be collected at the main office. 

    Students need to be cleared to participate BEFORE the first official day of practice, after August 7th. After the online packet is completed, you will receive an email confirmation. Your student is not cleared to practice until that email confirmation is sent. 

    Please also use the link to revtrack to make your $150 donation for each athelete and sport.