• Spanish Immersion (7-12) 

    Spanish Immersion at the secondary level builds upon academic Spanish instruction in both content areas and the language itself.  Students who are candidates for Spanish Immersion generally fall into two categories: 

    1. Students who participated in a seven-year Spanish Immersion Elementary Program.
    2. Students who are academically fluent in Spanish and are on grade level in core academic subjects. The most common example of this would be a student who has transferred from a Spanish speaking country and experienced rigorous academic content instruction in their native language. 

    Our secondary program begins at Kenilworth Junior High School in the 7th grade. Students in grades 7 and 8 receive one class of academic Spanish to develop Spanish literacy skills and one class of grade-level content (i.e. Math, Social Studies, Science) in the Spanish language.  

    Students matriculating to high school will take the appropriate high school world language course and will end their Spanish studies in Advanced Placement Spanish Language and/or Advanced Placement Spanish Literature. Students will have the opportunity to earn college credit for high school coursework.