School Tours

  • Tour one of our campuses during the school day to experience the innovative learning and welcoming environments that our schools offer.  

    If you would like to schedule one or more school site tour, please complete the tour request form on this page, or call (707) 778-4813. You may also schedule tours by contacting schools directly. See below for a listing of schools and contact information.

    Elementary Schools (K-6 & K-8)

    Grant Elementary (Grades K-6)

    Call (707) 778-4742 to make an appointment


    Mary Collins at Cherry Valley (Grades K-8)

    Call (707) 778-4740 to make an appointment

    Tours are from 8:45-10:00 a.m.

    Grades K-3 Tour Dates - 1/11, 1/17 

    Grades K-8 Tour Dates - 1/24


    McDowell Elementary (Grades TK-5)

    Call (707) 778-4745 to make an appointment or complete the McDowell Tour Form


    McKinley Elementary (Grades TK-1, 4-6)

    Call (707) 778-4750 to make an appointment


    McNear Elementary (Grades TK-6)

    Call (707) 778-4752 to make an appointment


    Penngrove Elementary (Grades K-6) 

    Call (707) 778-4755 for more information.  

    The tour registration form will be available at on 1/10/17


    6th Grade Academy (Grade 6)

    Call (707) 778-4724 to make an appointment


    Valley Vista Elementary (Grades TK-6)

    Tours are in the AM, times vary (call for details) - 1/10, 1/12, 1/16, 1/18, 1/26, 1/29, 1/31

    Call (707) 778-4762 to make an appointment


  • Junior High Schools

    Kenilworth Jr. High (Grades 7-8)

    Call (707) 778-4710 to make an appointment 


    Mary Collins at Cherry Valley (Grades K-8)

    Call (707) 778-4740 to make an appointment


    Petaluma Accelerated Charter at McKinley (Grades 7-8)

    Call (707) 778-4750 to make an appointment


    Petaluma Jr. High (Grades 7-8)

    Call (707) 778-4724 to make an appointment 


    High Schools 

    Casa Grande High School (Grades 9-12)

    Tour Dates: 12/1, 12/15 2017

    Contact Wendy Tegnell at (707) 778-4674 to make a reservation 


    Petaluma High School (Grades 9-12)

    Call (707) 778-4651 to make a reservation