• Environmental Education

United Anglers Program

  • Located on the Casa Grande campus, the United Anglers of Casa Grande is a Non-Profit Organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness through education and hands-on experience and to save a species from extinction.  The United Anglers facility includes an active fish hatchery that serves as the backup for the Lake Sonoma hatchery, and supports the growth of the steelhead trout population in California.  Founded in 1982, the program is responsible for the restoration of Adobe Creek in Petaluma.  For more information, visit the United Anglers of Casa Grande Website.  

     Student with salmon

Environmental Literacy Program

  • ChangeScale and the Lawrence Hall of Science are partnering with Petaluma City Schools and local environmental education providers to create an Environmental Literacy Plan--a vision for all students in Petaluma's schools to have cohesive, standards-supporting opportunities to learn in, about, and for the environment throughout their K-12 experiences.

    Bee on a flower

Wildlife Museum and Management

  • The Petaluma Wildlife and Natural Science Museum is located on Petaluma High School, and houses over 50 species of insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. The museum also boasts realistic habitat replicas from around the world, complete with animals, that you truly have to see to believe.  Thousands of people visit the Museum every year where dozens of high school students provide tours and animal education.  Students take rigorous courses in Wildlife and Museum Management to learn about environmental education, wildlife biology, animal husbandry, public speaking, and museum operations and
    maintenance.  For more information visit the Petaluma Wildlife and Natural Science Museum Website.

    Student tour in wildlife museum  

School Gardens

  • School gardens can be found throughout Petaluma City Schools, and are an essential component to environmental education in that they provide students with hands-on experience with biology, sustainability and food-production.  


    Valley Vista Garden