Visual Arts
  • Art Docent Program

    Petaluma City School’s unique Art Docent Program has been providing quality art education to 7 elementary schools for over 18 years. Funded by the generosity of Petaluma homeowners through Parcel Tax Measure D since 2000, this volunteer based program integrates State Standards and Curriculum with art lessons to introduce students to the world of art and how it fits into their world both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

    Interested in volunteering?

    No previous art experience is necessary.  All supplies and training are provided with a step-by-step script with tips to teach a lesson. All you need is a love of children and the desire to bring art into the classroom!

    Our program brings the "A (ART!)" in STEAM  to the classroom with lessons that integrate Science, Technology, and Mathematics, with Art. 

    Contact info:
    Alyse Breece
    Coordinator-Art Docent Program
    707-778-4958 or

  • Junior High Art Electives

    Both Kenilworth and Petaluma Junior Highs offer art electives that introduce students of all interests to the art and design process using a variety of projects using painting, collage, clay, paper maché, printmaking, and iPad apps.   Students will create and design their own works of art while also studying art and culture of our past and various career possibilities.   

    Digital Design

    Offered at Kenilworth Junior High, students in the Digital Design class will explore a variety of programs and applications, including movie making (writing, filming, editing, producing), digital art/animation, stop-motion animation, 3D architectural design, computer coding, graphic arts, 3D sculpting, website/blog design, computer game design and Google Earth trips.


    Offered as an 8th grade course at Kenilworth Junior High, this academic and creative course covers all the basic black and white photography skills as well as digital photography and beginning filmmaking. 

  • High School Art Program

    Art I, II, & III

    In Art I, students are introduced to the experience of creating art, and continue to develop their skills and aesthetic awareness through Art II an Art III.  Art I covers imaginative and observational life drawing, values, sculpture, color, perspective, design, and composition.  Art I students will also gain a historical perspective through artist studies.  In Art II, projects will stress observational drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and design, with a special focus on drawing and sculpting the face.  Art III students will continue to develop specific artistic skills and focus more on their preferred media.  

    Photography (Beginning and Advanced)

    Beginning photography covers the fundamentals of black and white photography. Students will learn the operation of the camera, develop film and print photographs. Students will work on project-based assignments, through which they will learn to develop their artistic vision and explore a wide range of subjects. In addition, students will study the history (and future) of photography, as well as learn about careers in photography.  Advanced photography will provide students with opportunities to extend and advance their knowledge and skills in the field of photography. This course will familiarize the student with advanced photography equipment, materials, methods, and processes. 

    3D Make

    3D:Make is a maker-centered 3D design class where the emphasis is on innovation, exploration, tool-use, and group problem solving. Students engage in fun and challenging projects to develop the skills necessary to be the future designers of the 21st century. We will investigate how things are made in our world, how they are put together, and how they come apart—then envision how we can make them better!