• In the event that your child becomes ill or has an accident at school, you or one of the adults you designate on the emergency card will be notified immediately. Should there be any changes during the year, please inform us. Local emergency telephone numbers are extremely important to have on file at the school office, should you not be home in case of an emergency.

    Emergency Radio Station Announcements

    In case of an emergency, two stations announce school emergency information: Radio – KSRO – 1350 AM (Santa Rosa) TV – KFTY – Channel 50 (Santa Rosa) Notificación en español (Spanish Announcement): Para nuestras familias que hablan español: En caso de emergency, por favor ponga su radio en una de estas estaciones para recibir un mensaje referente a las escuelas de Petaluma: KRRS 1050 AM (Santa Rosa) o KOFY 1050 AM (San Francisco).

    Disaster Procedure

    In case of a disaster, the school has detailed procedures to follow to help guarantee the safety of students. These procedures are distributed to all parents and teachers. Fire drills and disaster drills are held periodically to acquaint students with proper procedures. Should a major disaster occur, children will be kept at school until it is safe and then released to parents, people listed on the emergency card, or someone you authorize. Each family is urged to provide an individual food packet for each child. See separate letter in the first day packet. (The school does not have adequate emergency foods for students.)

    Emergency Brochures For Parents

    Petaluma City Schools provides this brochure (also available in Spanish) detailing emergency procedures, parent/guardian roles in emergencies, and many important emergency contact telephone numbers and websites.