Behavior Standards

  • In order to support learning plus social and emotional growth, behavior expectations and school climate are emphasized at McNear. The goal of discipline is to help children develop caring and respect for self and others plus problem solving abilities. School rules are kept to a minimum and are based upon the following:

    • Be safe
    • Be responsible
    • Be respectful

    We encourage you to discuss and emphasize the following with your child:

    • Courtesy and respect for others
    • Care for school supplies and property
    • No bad language or abusive behavior (fighting)
    • Proper behavior to and from school
    • No sodas, gum, candy, valuables, toys or electronic items
    • Wear clothing to school that is appropriate and safe in a learning environment (see following detail)

    In addition to these general expectations, detailed information is included in our McNear School Discipline Policy included in the First Day Packet. The detail of McNear’s school rules and their consequences are not intended to be all-inclusive. Each school site and each school administrator may be called upon to respond to situations that are not specifically outlined or delineated in our rules of behavior. In those instances the school may refer to Education Code 48900(b) for matters involving dangerous objects, 48900(k) for defiance/disruption (fireworks, gambling, stink bombs, spitting are examples), or another appropriate section of the California Education Code, such as Education Code 48908.

    Ed Code 48900(b) Possessed, sold or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object, unless, in the case of possession of any object of this type, the pupil had obtained written permission to possess the item from a certificated school employee, which is concurred in by the principal or the designee of the principal.

    Ed Code 48900(k) Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.

    Ed Code 48908 All pupils shall comply with the regulations, pursue the required course of study and submit to the authority of the teachers of the school.

    Both boys and girls have equal access to all classes and activities (playground and special events) at McNear School. Harassment and sexual harassment are not tolerated. Complaints are acted upon and documented. (See Complaint Procedures, page 3.)

    Students are taught to problem solve and to take responsibility for their actions and words. Possible consequences include – problem solving during recess, recess or after school restriction, behavior contracts, white slips and/or calls home. If as a consequence a child is to be detained after school longer than 15 minutes, you will be notified. If we cannot reach you, we will not detain your child more than 15 minutes that day.