Clothing Expectations

    1. Students are to wear clothing that is clean and appropriate for school children.
      1. Inappropriate dress includes any provocative and/or distracting clothing such as very short shorts, beltless baggy pants, tank or tube tops, half-shirts, mesh or net shirts, see through tops, shoe length dresses or skirts, thin or spaghetti straps and midriff tops. Underclothing may not show.
      2. Girls wearing skirts or dresses are to wear shorts or tights for recess.
      3. Any painted pictures or slogans on clothing must be in good taste.
    2. To ensure safety for themselves and others, appropriate shoes for daily P.E. and playground activities are required, i.e., closed toe, closed heel, low/flat heel.
      1. Inappropriate shoes include cowboy boots, hiking boots, thongs, high heels, clogs and open-toe sandals.
    3. To minimize distractions and to emphasize a focus on study:  No make-up, no unnatural hair colors, no false nails, no tattoos and no body piercing.
    4. Decisions regarding appropriate dress or appearance rest with the Principal or Principal’s designee.
    5. Parents will be contacted when attire is found to be inappropriate.