Garden Education at McNear


    Gathering  Tomatoes  Helping

    McNear has an active Garden Education program with a dedicated garden teacher.

    Twice a year McNear students get 6-8 weeks of study in the garden which uses NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) to complement the classroom science curriculum. 

    Topics of study include: 
    Soil - Study of our Earth
    Plant and Flower Anatomy
    Seed Dissection
    Weather and Climate Change
    Nutrition and Healthy Eating
    Students also learn the importance of stewardship and are active in the care of the garden. They weed, plant, water and harvest from the 11 raised beds planted with an impressive variety of produce. Each session ends with a delicious snack that the students help prepare from the garden.
    The garden thrives all year round with the help of The Garden Committee which is run by our amazing parent-volunteers. They are involved in a number of activities throughout the school year including: Back to School Barbecue, Garden Workdays, Harvest Festival, National Heirloom Expo, Earth Day Event, and Habitat Garden Development. To get involved, contact Julia Luna at
    Garden funds are supported by the McNear PTA.