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About the FRC

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    Families in need come to the FRC seeking information, counseling and support, access to food and healthcare, employment, immigration assistance, housing/rent support, and other services. Many come at a time of family stress or crisis, seeking to avoid homelessness, increase their resiliency, gain parenting support, and more. Others are welcomed with educational and volunteer opportunities to build new skills and friendships. Our many community partners offer families a wide range of services on-site.

Our Staff

  • Our Family Resource Center staff responds quickly to the varied and changing needs of local families. Fires, COVID 19, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs have been serious challenges for our community in the last few years. Even a few days of lost work can make it difficult to cover rent for families working in low paying service sector jobs. The FRC, in partnership with other local agencies, has been assisting families burdened by resource shortages - whether due to loss of employment, wages, or from expenses incurred offering housing to family and friends who were forced to evacuate.

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