• Family Resource Center Services

    FRC Services Infographic. Text it includes to follow.  

    We Provide:

    • Liaison between parents and school 
    • Referrals for health, employment, food and housing 
    • Referrals and Workshops for Immigration and Naturalization
    • Crafts and Conversation 


    FRC partners with the Petaluma Adult School to offer the following programs. 

    Classes for Adults

    • English as a Second Language
    • Preparation for Naturalization
    • High School Diploma and Equivalency
    • Career Technical Education
    • Job Search Skills


    Parent Child Education

    To find out more, check out the Petaluma Adult School Website.

    Early Childhood Education program for parents and their children 0 - 3 years old.

  • Parent Nursery School
    Held at the Petaluma Parent Nursery School (PPNS) for children 2.9 - 5 years old.

  • Pasitos
    Program for Spanish-speaking parents and their 3 - 4 year olds who are not attending preschool.

  • Ready for Kindergarten
    Program in English and Spanish for children who have not attended preschool and will be entering TK or Kindergarten.