• District Transfers

    Petaluma City Schools welcomes students who reside outside of our district boundaries, and also allows students who live in our district to transfer to a school outside of their neighborhood. Students who reside within a particular school zone have enrollment priority at that school, and transfer students may be enrolled based on the availability of space and acceptance of a transfer application.  To determine the schools zoned for your residence, consult the School Finder page.

    Intra or Inter? What's the difference?

    Intra - Intradistrict transfer is a transfer from one school to another school within the same school district.
    Inter - Interdistrict transfer is a transfer from one school district to another school district.

    Please note that not all addresses within Petaluma are part of the Petaluma City Elementary District. If you are unsure which elementary school district you belong to, please review our School Finder page or call our office at 707-778-4813.

    What's an Employment-Related Transfer all about?

    Employment-Related Transfers are for families who have at least one parent or the legal guardian of the pupil who is physically employed within the boundaries of that school district for a minimum of 10 hours during the school week. (Ed Code 48204)

    Interdistrict Transfers

    The Interdistrict Transfer Form is to be submitted by the parents/guardians of students who reside outside of the Petaluma City Schools District, and are submitting registration to attend one of our schools. This form is to be submitted to your district of residence. Please note that parents/guardians who work within the Petaluma City Schools District boundaries, but do not live in the district will want to complete an Employment-Related Transfer. You can find more information on Interdistrict Transfers here.

    How to fill and return:

    1. Download and save the PDF of the Registration Form below. If possible, please save with the following filename convention "Last Name-First Name-Registration".
    2. Fill out the form completely and save it again.
    3. After you finish filling out the form, please return it to your school of choice via email. Email addresses can be found in the section above or in the Junior High Enrollment Staff directory on this page.

    Interdistrict Transfer Form (English) 
    Interdistrict Transfer Form (Spanish) 
    Employment-Related Transfer (English) 
    Employment-Related Transfer (Spanish)  

    Intradistrict Transfers

    The Intradistrict Transfer Form is to be submitted by the parents/guardians of students who live within Petaluma City Schools district boundaries, and are submitting a registration to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. This form is to be submitted to your School of Residence or the District Office.