8th Grade US History


    As 8th graders it is our job to prepare for high school and the challenges beyond.  To prepare for this we will work on basic skills (reading and writing), deductive reasoning, and organization all within the United States History Curriculum.

    We will be studying United States History from the American Revolution to the Period of Reconstruction.

    •         First semester emphasis will be the United States Constitution.
    •         Second Semester emphasis will be on the Civil War and the events leading up to it.


    Class Expectations 


    • Yourself
      • Do not copy
      • Do not plagiarize 
      • Be on time
      • Be prepared for class
      • Dress appropriately
      • Apply yourself
      • Do not cheat
    • Classmates
      • Do not interfere with anyone's right to learn.
      • Help, but do not cheat.
    • School
      • Follow all school rules.
      • School is wherever you have set up to participate in class or complete school work.

    Need Help or Have Questions

    • See me at the beginning of lunch!
      • This allows for a discussion to ensure there is no confusion. 


    • Completed on time
    • Completed to the best of your ability
    • Must be legible 
    • Classwork must be completed in pen 
      • For Distance Learning, I only care that it is easy to read. You will be asked to turn in pictures of work.
    • Always restate the question
      • Never copy a question


    • School issued device (charged)
    • Paper (spiral notebook preferred)
    • Pen (Blue or Black only)
    • Pencil
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighter 


    • When absent check Google Classroom. Do not just look at what was assigned that day. Instead, I will assign make-up work for you specifically titled “Absent Work + date”
    • During Distance Learning check in using email
      • Internet issues are an absence. Contact me through email ASAP.


    • Check Aeries often. This is where your grade will be listed. 
    • Do not trust what you see in Google Classroom.

    Help/Questions-I am available at lunch!