• Daily Agenda (GC = Goggle Classroom)

    Amendment Notes & Bill of Rights Quiz A 12/1, B 12/2

    11/18, 11/19

    notes: 9th & 10th Amendments

    finish 8th team assignment

    One Less/One More Bill of Rights team assignment

    Washington textbook questions (answer in notes) 


    11/16, 11/17

    How to study for the coming quiz.

    7th Amendment Reading (due today in GC)


    8th Amendment 


       -team wrap up activity


    11/12, 11/15

    4th Court Cases

    Rights of the Accused (6th & 7th)


       -review assignment (in GC due before end of class)


    11/9, 11/10

    Grade Check/How things were graded.

    Review 1st Court Cases

    notes: 2nd Amendment

              -3rd Amendment

              -4th Amendment


    11/5, 11/8

    Have you submitted your project?

    Constitution Test

    Student Bill of Rights

    notes: 1st Amendment

       -court cases in teams and in GC 


    Constitution Project & Test Due A 11/5 B 11/8

    11/3, 11/4

    Kahoot Constitution Review

       -discuss best study strategies for the test

    Constitution Project

       -discuss expectations and past mistakes

       -work time

    Federalist vs Anti-Federalists 


    11/1, 11/2

    Discuss Constitution Project

    Kahoot Constitution Review

    notes: Judicial Branch

    handout: Who has the Power/Checks & Balances

    Constitution Project up to Slide 15


    10/28, 10/29

    Kahoot Constitution Review

    Ranking Legislative Powers

    notes: Powers Given to the Executive Branch

    Electoral College (in GC)

    Constitution Project Slides 10-11 (in GC)


    10/26, 10/27

      2 period- How the Constitution is Organized/3 Branch handout +

    How a Bill Becomes a Law

    Constitution Project Slides 1-7 (in GC)

    notes: Powers Grante to the Legislative Branch

    Constitution Project Slides 8-9 (in GC)

       Do not move past slide 9 in the project! If you do total points will be deducted from final project grade.


    10/22, 10/25

       2 period did not take place

    Passback Work/Grade Check

    How the Constitution is Organized

    3 Branches Review

    video: Chief Justice John Roberts

    3 Branches handout


    10/20, 10/21

    Socrative Review (Madison)

    Collect Chapter 8 Packet

    Reading: Picking Our President (in GC due today)

    The Preamble (handout)

    3 Branches Qustions (in GC, but answer on back of Preamble handout)



    Chapter 8 Packet Due A 10/20 B 10/21


       Articles of Confederation

       Constitutional Convention


       Articles of Confederation


    10/18, 10/19

    Return Work/Grade Check

    8.4 Reading (in GC due today)

    notes: Constitutional Convention

    Great Compromises team assignment


    10/14, 10/15

    Collect Revolutionary War Packet


    Articles of Confederation




    Revolutionary War Packet Due & Quiz A 10/14 B 10/15


    Military Advantages

    New York

    Trenton & Princeton

    Turning Point of War

    End of War

    Story of Us


    Map: Treaty of Paris 1783


    10/12, 10/13

    New Seating Chart

    Review for Quiz (Packet and Quiz next class)

    film: Story of Us- Revolution


    10/8, 10/11

    Anti-Harassment Training

    7.7 Yorktown reading (in GC due today)

    notes -Yorktown

       -Treaty of Paris 1783

    map: Treaty of Paris 1783


    10/6, 10/7

    Words not to use when writing out answers.

    Valley Forge- historical picture analysis

    reading: The Swamp Fox (in GC due today)

    End of War: notes


    10/4, 10/5

    Pass back work/Grade Check/discuss grading

    Socrative Review Questions (open note)

    notes: New York

    Trenton & Princeton- video


    Battles of Saratoga- reading (in GC due today)


    Valley Forge video 


    9/30, 10/1

    Put Chapter 6 Packet Together/Review 6.6/Collect

    Ranking Military Advantages

       -Student Slides (in GC) Due today


    Battle for New York reading (in GC) Due today

    Due A 9/30, B 10/1


         Start of War

         Chapter 6 Reviews


         6.3 Worksheet

         6.4 Worksheet

         6.5 Worksheet

         6.6 Worksheet

    9/28, 9/29

    Pass back work/grade check

    6.3 Review

    6.4 Worksheet


    6.5 Worksheet


       -Reading of the Declaration of Independence

    6.6 Worksheet


    9/24, 9/27

    Collect Colonial Unrest Packet


    Start of War: notes

    6.3 Worksheet (Chapter 6 reading can be found in GC)

    Colonial Unrest Packet and Quiz Due A 9/24 B 9/27


         Colonies in mid 1700's

         Colonial Unrest

         Sons of Liberty

         Story of Us Rebels


         Fur Trade Map

         Unrest Timeline

         Colonial Unrest


    9/22, 9/23

    finish Colonial Unrest notes handout

    add to Sons of Liberty notes

    film: Story of Us Rebels


    9/20, 9/21

    Finish Colonial Unrest Timeline (assignment explained and Chapter reading needed in GC) 

    Sons of Liberty definition in notes

    Colonial Unrest notes handout


    9/16, 9/17

    Pass Back Work/Grade Check/Review Life in the Colonies Assignments

    finish Fur Trade Map

    notes: Colonial Unrest

    Colonial Unrest Timeline 


    9/14, 9/15

    Collect Packet (listed below)/Quiz

    notes: Colonies in the mid 1700's

    Fur Trade Map

    French and Indian War Reading (in GC and due by the end of the day)


       Current Packet in progress: Life in the Colonies Due 9/14, 9/15

         Colony Quiz 9/14, 9/15


              Annotated Map Notes Part 1

              "A Day in the Life"

              Annotated Map Notes Part 2

              New Man/film: Story of Us


              Annotated Map of the Colonies

              Reading: The New Man with highlights


    9/10, 9/13

    Review Due Dates Above Packet and Colony Quiz next class

    Review Illustrations of "A New Man" Reading from GC

    notes: New Man

         -film: Story of Us


    9/8, 9/9

    Socrative: Quick Write

    Annotated Map

    Reading "A New Man"

      + Illustrations in GC due by end of today


    9/3, 9/7

    Return Work/Grade Check

    Class Expectations Review

    Daily Life in the Colonies (film clips + questions) Keep in Notes

    Annotated Map Notes Part 2 Keep in Notes

       -Annotated Map Keep in Notes


    9/1, 9/2

    Life in the Colonies

       -finish presentations

       -wrap up assignment 

    notes: Annotated Map Part 1  Keep in Notes

       -Geography and Climate (in the Colonies

       -Colonial Economies (assignment in GC) Due Today


     Map Test on A 8/30, A 8/31 

    8/30, 8/31

    State Map Test

    Life in the Colonies

       - final presentation prep

       -presentations + audience note taking 


    8/26, 8/27

    Return Work/Grade Check

    Map Practice

    Colonial Life Project


    8/24, 8/25

    Review Class Expectations (& rules)

    Map Practice

    "I Have a Dream" team assignment


    8/20, 8/23

    Return Work

    Map Practice

    Video with Questions: "A Time For Justice"



    8/18, 8/19

    Google Calendar review

    Map Test Practice

    Intro to Class

    Exit Ticket



    Seating Chart

    Virtual Tour

    Map Practice (US states)