• Daily Agenda (GC = Goggle Classroom)

    4/19, 4/21

    notes: Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address

    Kami: Union/Confederacy Map in GC

    notes; Ft. Sumter/Military Advantages

    Military Advantages student slide assignment in GC



    Lincoln and his Advisors- Fort Sumter Project in GC

       -summarize cabinet members advice

       -write out Lincoln’s order



    Video + Graffiti Art- Lost Slave Ships


    3/22, 3,23

    notes: Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    Kami: Election of 1860 map in GC

    reading + questions-  Election of 1860 & Secession


    3/18, 3/19

    notes: Dred Scott

    Worksheet: Power in Government 1820-1861 in GC

    reading + questions: John Brown in GC

    notes: John Brown


    3/16, 3/17

    notes: Kansas Nebraska Act-Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas video + questions

    Dred Scott: reading + Kami Map


    3/12, 3/15

    Edpuzzle: Harriet Beecher Stowe

    Reading/Worksheet: Kansas-Nebraska Act in GC

    Kami: Kansas-Nebraska Act map in GC


    3/10, 3/11

    Kami: Compromise of 1850 map in GC

    notes: Compromise of 1850

    Socrative Review Question

    notes: Uncle Tom's Cabin


    3/8, 3/9

    Socrative Review Questions 

    notes: Mexocan American War-Compromise of 1850

    Reading/Worksheet: Compromise of 1850 in GC


    3/4, 3/5

    Analysing John Quincy Adams Quotes on the MIssouri Compromise

    notes: The Gag Order/Reading + questions in GC

    notes: Texas/edpuzzle


    3/2, 3/3

    Kami: Northwest Ordinance of 1787 map in GC

    notes: Northwest Ordinance-Missouri Compromise

    Kami: United States in 1820 map in GC


    2/26. 3/1

    Review Sectionalism Reading

    Chapter 21.2 Textbook reaing + questions in GC

    Edpuzzle: Northwest Ordinance of 1787

    Slides: North/South Conversation in GC


    2/24, 2/25

    North/South Quiz (Socrative)

    Sectionalism Reading- read/discus-highlight/answer questions in GC


    2/22, 2/23

    Transportation in the North Spoke Diagram in GC

    Edpuzzle: Story of Us Part 4

    Transportation in the South Spoke Diagram in GC


    2/18, 2/19

    Economy of the South Spoke Diagram in GC

    Edpuzzle: Story of Us Part 3

    Economy of the North Spoke Diagram in GC


    2/16, 2/17

    Spoke Diagrams expectations/purpose

    Edpuzzle: Story of Us Part 2

    Climate & Geography South Spoke Diagrams in GC


    2/11, 2/12

    Feeding the North: notes/Reaper reaper reading + questions in GC

    Climate & Geography North Spoke Diagrams in GC 

    Edpuzzle: Story of Us Part 1


    2/9, 2/10

    Slavery: Punishment & Resistance

       -picture analysis

       -Worksheet- Washington's Quotes in GC

    Tenements Slide Show: notes/paragraph 

    Your Spoke Diagram (where you live) in GC


    2/3, 2/4

    Slave's Daily Life Picture Analysis (notes)

    Underground Railroad reading (in GC)/map discussion

    edpuzzle: Spirituals


    2/1, 2/2

    Review: Cotton & Slavery- map/graph

    notes: Slavery Facts

    Slave Auction: picture analysis/primary source reading in GC

    A Slave's Daily Life- Timeline in GC


    1/28, 1/29

    Middle Passage picture analysis/notes

    Cotton Gin- edpuzzle/notes

    Growth of Cotton & Slavery- map/graph study + questions in GC


    1/26, 1/27

    video- Colonial Life

    review notes from last class

    Tobacco and the increased need for labor (notes/discussion) 

       -Friends & Family

       -Indentured Servants (primary source reading + questions)

       -why they turned to slavery


    1/22, 1/25

    Life in Early America

       -discussion/notes/reading + worksheet

    Jackson Quiz


    1/20, 1/21

    Review Quiz Topics (Quiz A 1/22, B 1/25)

    Should Jackson be Removed from the $20 Bill (slides assignment- due today in GC)

    Primary Source Reading: Private Burnett on the Trail of Tears (group read)

          -Reading Questions due today in GC


    1/15, 1/19

    14.7 Jackson's Indian Policy

    student slide assignment found in GC: #8 Part 1

    Edpuzzle- "Trail of Tears National Trail 1" found in GC: #8 Part 2

    Both are due in GC before 3 PM today


    1/13, 1/14

    14.4 Approach to Governing


       -round robin reading of section in textbook 

       -political cartoon analysis

       -10 minutes to work on slide assignment

    14.5 Nullification Crisis


       -round robin reading of section in textbook 


    homework (due before next class to GC): 14.4 & 14.5 questions on slides


    1/11, 1/12

    Socrative Review Question

    Review 14.2 using painting of White House celebration

    notes: Andrew Jackson before presidency

    Edpuzzle: Andrew Jackson

    homework (due before next class to GC): 14.3 From the Frontier to the White House questions on slides


    1/7, 1/8

    Housekeeping: Grade check/expectations

    What you want in elected officials. questions/discussion

    Election of 1824: notes/video clip

    Turn in today's notes to GC

    homework (due before next class to GC): 14.2 Inauguration of Andrew Jackson questions on slides


    1/5, 1/6

    Discussion: What went well and what can improve in DL from last semester.

    Who can vote? (1788, 1824, & now)

       -Picture Analisis 


    homework: Should we lower the voting age? 

    notes and homework due today at 3 PM in GC