Bus transportation to and from schools in California is a PRIVILEGE and is NOT MANDATED by law and is provided at the discretion of the local School Board. Rules and regulation regarding eligibility to ride and for suspension or loss of bus privileges for local authority based on practical guidelines. In order to maintain safety on school buses, students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations while riding the bus and waiting at school bus stops. The following is a list of student actions constituting a violation of established rules and regulations:

    • 1. Abusive body contact, fighting on the bus or at the bus stop (slapping, hitting, poking, shoving, pulling hair or endangering life or limb of other people, etc.) (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 2. Eating or drinking on the bus. (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 3. Throwing any object in, out or at the bus. Littering of any kind, improper procedures (not lining up, rock throwing, playing in street), property damage to bus or at the bus stop. (minimum 3-day suspension)
    • 4. Using profane language or obscene gestures. (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 5. Lighting of matches, cigarettes, smoking on the bus or chewing tobacco. (minimum 3-day suspension)
    • 6. Any movement OUT OF SEAT while the bus is in motion. (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 7. Disrespect or failure to obey driver or giving improper identification when requested. (minimum 3-day suspension)
    • 8. Putting any part of the body out of the bus window at any time. (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 9. Unauthorized opening, closing or tampering of any kind with the bus doors, windows, emergency exits, radio or bus controls. (automatically no less than 2-day, plus cost of repairs)
    • 10. Legs, feet, or other objects obstructing the aisle or facing to the rear of the seat or creating excessive noise. (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 11. Transporting live animals, reptiles or insects on a school bus (Except as provided in Civil Code Section 54.2) (minimum 2-day suspension)
    • 12. Any student desiring to ride a bus or disembark at a stop other than their own, must have written permission from a parent or guardian (on school’s emergency card) and must have a bus ticket or a bus pass.
    • 13. Illegal crossing at “Red Light Stop” Vehicle Code 22112 (Minimum 3-day suspension)

    VIDEO CAMERAS WILL BE USED TO HELP WITH THE CONTROL AND SAFETY OF STUDENTS. “AUTHORITY OF BUS DRIVER” (section 14263 California Administrative Code Title 5) states: “Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and responsible directly to, the driver of the bus, and the driver shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the pupils while they are on the bus or being escorted across a street, authority of the driver shall be sufficient reason for a pupil to be denied transportation. A bus driver shall not require any pupil to leave the bus en route between home and school or other destination”.