• Meal Charge Standard Practice


    The purpose of this Meal Charge Standard Practice is to establish a consistent District process for charging meals when students do not have money to pay for school meals. This standard practice does not apply to children who are eligible for free meals.

    Preventing Meal Charges

    It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to ensure their child has sufficient funds on their account to cover all school meals and to keep abreast of their child’s account. Funds can be deposited to a child’s meal account (1) online using Titan School Solutions or (2) in the cafeteria at the school site when a cafeteria assistant is present or (3) at the District Office. When depositing funds online go to Titan School Solutions to set up and manage your child’s online meal prepayments. Online meal prepayments are strongly encouraged. There is a small convenience fee. Even if you do not choose to make online payments, you can still utilize the account to check the balance of your child’s meal account and see what dates your child participated in the meal programs. Online accounts also have a “ low Balance” or “automatic deposit at low balance” email alert feature. To get assistance or further information please contact the Food Service office at 707-778-4964.

    Charging Meals

    Elementary Students: We will not allow any student to go hungry. Therefore a student that comes to the cafeteria without money or without money on their account will be asked if they would like a meal which will be charged to their account at the rate of: Reduced - .30 cents for breakfast and .40 cents for lunch; full pay - $2.00 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch.

    Junior High and High School Students: We do not want any student to go hungry. If a student comes to the cafeteria and wants something to eat, but has no money on their account or no cash, we will encourage them to get a meal which meets all USDA Regulations and this meal will be charged to their account – Reduced - .40 cents for breakfast and lunch; Full pay students - $2.75 for breakfast and $4.00 for lunch. There will be no charging of snack items that are for sale at the secondary level. (For example: chips, cookies, drinks, etc.).

    Collection of Unpaid Meal Charges

    Parents / Guardians will be notified at regular intervals, in writing, by phone, and/or email, if a student’s meal account has an unpaid balance. Unpaid balances are due within 10 days of the date of the notice/email/ phone call. It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to clear your child’s negative meal account.

    If a student is without meal money on a regular basis, the administration will investigate the situation more closely. If financial hardship exists, parents and families are encouraged to apply for free or reduced price meals for their child. Applications for free or reduced price meals can be found online at Titan School Solutions or a paper application can be picked up at the school or district office.