• Junior High Enrollment (Grades 7-8)

    • For Mary Collins at Cherry Valley Charter School's middle school program, please apply through our online registration platform.
    • For Petaluma Accelerated Charter School, please contact their front office at 707-778-4750.
    • For Kenilworth or Petaluma Junior High, please follow the instructions below.
  • If you have any questions about registration for Junior High School, please contact either Wendy Gentile at Kenilworth Junior High (wgentile@petk12.org) or Sue Stockham at Petaluma Junior High (sstockham@petk12.org). Please Note: If you are applying to the 7-8 program at either Mary Collins at Cherry Valley or Petaluma Accelerated Charter at McKinley, please use the new online enrollment platform, listed at the top of the page under the headline "4 Easy Steps to Enrollment! TK-6 & TK-8 Schools". Thank you!

    Step 1

    Complete the Petaluma City Schools Registration Form.  Please submit only one district registration form per student, indicating schools requested in choice order. When you finish filling out the form, please return it to your school of choice. 

     In addition to the PCS Registration Form, you must return the following documents to the office in order to be considered enrolled:

    Step 2

    Identify your school of residence using the School Finder. If you are registering for a school outside of your school of residence, you must complete and return a transfer form. Find out more about transfers and download the forms on our District Transfer page here.

    Step 3

    Once accepted, complete Data Confirmation. This will happen during the summer months and you should receive communication from the District or your school at this time. If you have any questions, please contact your school's registrar, listed above. You will need to return the following information before the first day of school to complete your child’s registration so that they may attend school.

Junior High Enrollment Staff

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