• Why Attendance Matters

    We all know that attendance is important to help students succeed academically, but do you know how much attendance affects school funding?

    During the 2018-19 school year, the School District lost over $700,000 due to declining attendance throughout grades TK-12. These losses directly affect programs at each school. We need the help of our families to turn this trend around.

    How to Help

    1. If you are taking a family vacation during the 2019-20 school year, please take it in April and/or May. 

      Rationale: Every day your child is absent, regardless of the reason, reduces the school budget between $50-$55 per absence, per day.

      On April 1, our attendance reporting changes. Any missed days between April and May reduces the school budget by approximately $1 per student, per day. Yes... $1. Please help us avoid cutting programs by scheduling your vacations accordingly.

    2. If you are going to be gone for 5 or more consecutive days, you are eligible to sign up for independent study. Each school has an independent study coordinator that can assist you. Only completed independent study packets receive full attendance credit.

      PLEASE NOTE: At non-charter schools, Independent study is only available for absences of 5 days or more. At charter schools, Independent study is available for shorter absences. For questions, please contact your independent study coordinator. All short-term absences, when not on independent study, even excused absences, penalizes the school at a rate of $50-$55 per student, per day.

    Our #1 reason for absences are for short-term vacations and days missed for appointments, not for student illness. The District gets funding for any portion of a day a student is in attendance.

    We are asking all families to make attendance a priority for next year. Our programs depend on it! Thank you!