• My Newsletter will be send to your school email address every Friday afternoon.  Get in the habit of checking your email regularly.  Most communications from your teachers will be via email.  The newsletter will also be sent to your parents email.


    Each newsletter will contain information about our class, the subjects we are learning about, our school, our community, our country and our world.  Sometimes there will be things in it just for fun, other times it will contain very important information that you will need to know. Please make sure to read the entire newsletter.


    Also, in each newsletter, there will be a question for you to answer. If you submit a correct answer to the question you will receive ten points but beware.  Like Cinderella, once that clock strikes midnight on Thursday evenings it will be too late and you will not have an opportunity to make up those missed ten points.

    Answer to the newsletter questions must be submitted via the google form that will be posted to your google classroom at about the same time the newsletters are sent to your email.

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