• High School Enrollment (Grades 9-12)

  • Step 1

    If your student attends one of the following schools, counselors from our high schools will come to your school to discuss registration after Winter Break.

    • Kenilworth Junior High
    • Petaluma Junior High
    • Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley
    • Petaluma Accelerated Charter

    If your student does not attend one of the schools above, please continue to Step 2. If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact the Registrar at the high school of your choice for information on the required paperwork and next steps.

    Step 2

    Please fill out the PCS Registration Form as well as the additional documents listed below. When you finish filling out the paperwork, please return it to your school of choice.

    In addition to these forms, you must return the following documents to the office in order to be considered enrolled:

    • Approved Transfer if applicable*
    • Date of Birth Confirmation, such as:
      • Original/certified copy of birth certificate
      • Passport
      • Baptism certificate
      • Birth Record
      • For questions or other options, please contact your school of choice
    • Proof of address, such as:
      • Property tax payment receipts
      • Rental payment receipts
      • Utility service payment receipts (e. PG&E bill)
    • Immunization Records**
    • Course Selection Form: Contact Registrar at your school of choice for the current form

    *Identify your school of residence using the School Finder tools. If you are registering for a school outside of your school of residence, you must complete and return a transfer form. Find out more about transfers and download the forms on our District Transfer page here.

    **If you have ever attended a school in the Petaluma City Schools District, we may already have your Immunization Records.

High School Enrollment Staff

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