• American Voices 

  • American Voices Mission Statement

    The unique intent of this cluster is to show students the variety of ways in which our country is transformed by the artistic, political, and cultural diversity of the American people. We will foster an appreciation of artists, activists, musicians, writers, cultural movements, and thinkers through our curriculum to help students better understand themselves and how to channel their own talents and expression into a meaningful relationship with their community. Students will have the opportunity to critique, create, and engage in an exploration of what it means to be inspired and transform that inspiration into action, whether through art and/or participation in civil society. Through a variety of collaborative assignments, field trips, and projects, students will demonstrate broad literacy, civic engagement, and a personal vision. Students will leave the pathway having a greater understanding and empathy for their classmates and the many different components that make up the American identity--leaving them both more employable and prepared for post-secondary education.


    American Voices Electives

    Art 2, Art 3 AP

    Intro to Communication & Media Studies

    Legal Studies

    Race, Class, & Gender in America

    Music Appreciation

    Photography, Adv. Photography