• The PE Exemption form has gone digital!


    Before completing the form linked below, make sure you meet all of the qualifications!

    1. You must be a 10th or 11th grade student. 

    2. You must have completed the Physical Fitness Test in 9th grade. 

    3. You must have earned a C- or better in 9th grade PE. 

    4. You must have participated in a sport for a complete season, while maintaining a 2.0 GPA for the entire season. 

    5. Students must complete one PE Exemption form for each season of sport completed. 


    If you qualify for ALL of the above items, you should be eligible for the PE Exemption! 

    Once you have completed the form and you have been approved or denied, you will be notified in an email by Assistant Principal, Erika Noone. 


    Please Use This  Link to Complete the Pe Exemption Google Form.