• Developer Fees

    Background Information:  

    In September 1986, the Governor signed into law Assembly Bill 2926 (Chapter 887/Statutes 1986) which granted school district governing boards the authority to impose developer fees. This authority is codified in Education Code Section 17620 which states in part "...the governing board of any school district is authorized to levy a fee, charge, dedication or other form of requirement against any development project for the construction or modernization of school facilities."

    The Level I fee that can be levied is adjusted every two years according to the inflation rate, as listed by the state-wide index for Class B construction set by the State Allocation Board.

    In order to levy a fee, a district must make a finding that the fee to be paid bears a reasonable relationship and be limited to the needs of the community for elementary or High School facilities and be reasonably related to the need for schools caused by the development. Fees are different from taxes and do not require a vote of the electorate. Fees may be used only for specific purposes and there must be a reasonable relationship between the levying of fees and the impact created by development.    

    Developer Fee Justification Study


    Fee Schedule (effective September 19, 2020)

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