• Profile of a CGHS Graduate

  • Upon graduation, all Casa Grande students will be Broadly Literate, Civically Engaged, Highly Employable, and have a Personal Vision for their future.


    Graduate Statements:

    I am a Casa Grande graduate, and I am Broadly LiterateI am a critical thinker, a problem-solver, and an effective communicator across disciplines. I can write, speak, and read well. I ask informed questions, I can evaluate the credibility of a claim, and I can empathize with and appreciate multiple points of view.

    I’m a Casa Grande graduate, and I am Civically Engaged. I actively participate in my community and I am committed to making a positive impact. I stay informed, I respect a diversity of views, I participate in the political process, and I understand my rights and the rights of others. I understand how the choices I make have a personal, local, and global impact. 

    I’m a Casa Grande graduate, and I am Highly Employable. I have the skills, the attitude and the work-ethic to be a success in the workplace. I am a self-starter, I am reliable, flexible and punctual, and I have integrity. I present and dress professionally in the workplace. 

    I’m a Casa Grande graduate, and I have a Personal Vision. I have goals and dreams and I am a lifelong learner. I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I am resilient and self-motivated. I am willing to take risks and I can navigate pathways to post-secondary education and career choices.


    I’m a Casa Grande Graduate and I’m the Architect of my Future.