• As a California School District employee, you are a "Mandated Reporter'' under the Child Abuse and Child Neglect Reporting Act. Effective January 1, 2015, California Assembly Bill 1432 requires all Mandated Reporters to receive training within 90 days of employment and then annually thereafter.

    This training is available online and there is no charge.

    Please click on the Login link below to begin. 


    1. Login to your email account

    2. Open the email from PCS HR Department with the subject of “Training - New Enrollment”

    3. Click on the link “Click here to start your training”. You will be brought to PublicSchoolWorks.

    4. On the login screen, all employees WITH a district email address must use the Sign in with Google button. The Username/Password fields and the “Reset Password” link will not work for you. All employees WITHOUT a district email address will use the alternate login method. Enter your username(first letter of your first name added to your last name) and password (6-digit birthday)

    1. You will be brought to a screen titled: “Your Login Info.” If you do not see the “Your Login Info” screen, follow the directions on the “Login Help” screen. If you have any problems or need further help, call 1-866-724-6650, option 4. It is very important that the information shown on the “Your Login Info” screen is accurate. Make any changes needed to your Occupation or Site and then click on the button: “Click here when correct.”

    2. You will be brought to a screen titled: “Your Course List.” This screen shows you all the courses in which you have been enrolled. If there are no courses shown, then you are not currently required to complete any training. For further information about this screen, click on the “Help” button. 

    3. For each course shown, click on “Start”

    4. After you successfully complete each course (and test where applicable) the course will be removed from your course list. If you fail a test, you can retake the test until you obtain a passing grade. Your failures will not be shown in your transcripts.