• Student Store

    The Kenilworth Web store allows families to make donations and purchase school-related items online using a credit or debit card. There is a 3.49% convenience fee added to the donation and purchase when using the online store.

    Click here to purchase a planner online

    Click here to purchase chromebook insurance


    Any planners purchased online after August 4th can be picked up from the front office beginning August 7th. The office is open from 8:00am-3:00pm. Please bring a printout or screenshot on your phone to show proof of purchase when picking up a planner. Planners may also be purchased from the front office beginning August 7th with cash or check. Please make checks out to Kenilworth Junior High and write "Planner" in the memo. Planners are $10. 


    If you purchase chromebook insurance online on the 4th or earlier, please do not bring your completed form to orientation. You can email the completed form with proof of purchase to anagel@petk12.org or fax to (707) 766-8231. Beginning August 7th you can drop off a hard copy of the chromebook insurance form and please show a copy of your proof of purchase to the secretary so they can record payment rec. on the form. You may purchase chromebook insurance with cash/check beginning August 7th. Chromebook insurance is offered at $50 a year or $150 for four years.