• International House (iHouse)

  • International House (iHouse) is an important pathway that recognizes and addresses the needs of citizens in the 21st century; our primary objective is to provide students with a global education through extensive exploration of world cultures, literatures, histories, environmental science, and languages.

    Through the courses offered in iHouse, we aim to foster greater respect and celebration of diverse cultures, inspire leadership in addressing global issues, and develop a profound understanding of the complex interdependence of global systems.  Our teachers work collaboratively to offer students multiple learning formats: field trips, field experience in environmental restoration, public speaking/performance education, and group projects.

    Electives Offered:

    • AP Environmental Science
    • Environmental Conservation & Restoration
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Sociology
    • United Anglers of Casa Grande


    View complete course descriptions in the Course Description Handbook.

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