English Department

  • In English class, Kenilworth students are challenged to develop their literacy and critical thinking skills with a dynamic curriculum that incorporates a variety of writing tasks and engaging projects. Our department emphasizes literature (class, group, or individual choice) as the contextual foundation from which students work, adding a variety of non-fiction texts that help the students make thematic connections to the world around them. In doing so, Kenilworth students use a wide range of technology tools to help them develop research and presentation skills that can be applied to all subject areas and their lives beyond school.

    Perhaps it’s an expository essay analyzing themes in The Outsiders or a blog post reviewing The Pearl. Maybe it’s a range of articles for the Magazine Project versus the novel the student wrote during November. Maybe it’s a blog post about a current event, or a research paper, or even a tweet. Whatever the project, students at Kenilworth will leave our department with a favorite project that helped them develop their skills and find meaning in the world around them.