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  • Common Sense Media

    This is your one stop shop for information. They have reviews on apps, movies and more so you can make sure they are appropriate for your student. They have family guides about school tools, movies, books, apps and more. There is a section about parent concerns that includes violence in the media, screen time, cyber bullying, Facebook, instagram and learning with technology.

    This is a website developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Chidlern. This is a great resource for parents to look up different issues. On the parent page, you are able to choose an issue, such as cell phones, gaming, social networking, and get answers to questions you may have about this topic.

    The National Crime Prevention Council

    This site has many resources for parents, including some "Tip sheets," such as the Cyberbullying Prevention Tip Sheet.


    The official portal of the US government has a section on Education, which includes information about child care and libraries among other things.



    This guide provides the resources necessary for both parents and their teens to safely utilize the Internet.