• What do I do if ... faq


    My student is absent from school?
    Please call the attendance hotline at 778-4907 and leave a message, or send a note with your student when they return

    My student is late to school?
    Please write your student a note and have them bring it to the student window for a pass.

    My student needs to leave early for an appointment?
    Please write your student a note and have them bring it to the student window for a pass.  They will meet you in the front of the school at the time you requested.

    I need to pick my student up for an appointment I just made?
    Please call the office and we will send a pass for your student for the time you request. You can also come into the office at least 10 minutes before you need to leave KJHS and write a note.  We will work as quickly as we can to get the student out of class.

    I forgot to send my student with a note?
    Please call the school and we can send them a pass to leave school at the time you need.

    My student forgot their homework or lunch at home?
    Please deliver it to the school office with their name on it.  We will put it out for the students to pick up. (Students are periodically reminded where to pick up forgotten items)  We do not deliver to classes because we try to keep the interruptions to a minimum.  Please do not drop off any iPads or other electronic devices.

    I have a question about my student’s grade?
    Please contact the teacher under the Contact Us tab.

    My student is hurt and can not do PE?
    A parent can write a note that modifies P.E. for three class periods.  More than three periods requires a doctor’s note.  Only a physician can excuse a child completely from class.  Have your student take the note to the student window to be processed.

    My family is going vacation for five or more days?
    Please contact Angela Pariani at least two weeks prior to leaving at 778-4710.

    My family is going on vacation for less than five days?
    Please contact each teacher. The office will not do this for you. Your student has each teacher's email and can ask for work.

    My student is ill and needs work?
    If your student is out ill, please contact each teacher for assignments or check Aeries Portal.

    Something traumatic occurred in the family?
    Please contact your student’s counselor.  They can help you work with the student and staff to support your student

    How do I place money on my student’s lunch account?
    Come to the office between 7:45 and 11:00am and get a pass to go to the cafeteria. You can also send a check payable to KJHS with your student to add to their account. You may also log onto Titan School Solutions and add to your student’s account online.

    How do I purchase Petaluma Transit bus tickets?
    Your student may purchase tickets at the student window.

    My student wants to play sports?
    On our website, click on athletics, and go through the athletic clearance registration online.  After you have downloaded and completed your clearance form, please turn them in at the student window.

    I want to know what is happening at KJHS?
    Check out the school website and make sure you have an updated email on file for ParentSquare messaging for our KTV announcements and our bi-weekly newsletter in your email.  You can also access contact information for teachers and staff on our website.

    I get a call from KJHS?
    Please remember to listen to your voicemail before calling back.  We have over 100 people working here and do not always know who called you.  We inform all teachers/staff and students to always leave a message. Then, when you call back, let the person who answered know you are looking for.

    We have moved and changed address/telephone numbers?
    Please contact Holly Brewer at 778-4710 ext. 1010 to update your information.

    We are moving out of the district, who do we contact?
    Please contact Holly Brewer at 778-4710 ext. 1010 to start this process.

    I need to talk with someone in the office?
    The office is open from 7:30-4pm.  The main office entrance is not a student entrance to the school.  Students should check in at the student window for help.  Our school is a closed campus which means all adults on campus must be an employee or have a visitor’s pass.  Please stop by the office and check in before going onto campus.