• Want to be a part of things but need to find out what’s involved? Hearing about programs but don’t know what they are? READ ON…


    AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT  This program aims to bring a variety of new education opportunities to the students of McNear. Golf, Mandarin Chinese, crafts, photography, ceramics, Lego engineering, and cooking have all been popular offerings. This program cannot run without parent volunteers to coordinate it. This is a great opportunity to teach a group of kids a unique subject or new activity. Three sessions, one in the fall,  one in winter and one in the spring.

    Time CommitmentModerate to Heavy. Sessions typically run from 6-8 weeks.
    How to get involved: Email the After-School Enrichment Coordinator.

    ART DOCENT  Have you seen beautiful artwork in your child’s classroom?  If the answer is yes, it is surely due to an effort from an Art Docent. Art Docents come into the classrooms and lead an art project with the kids.  These art projects are requested by the teachers and are usually designed to reflect the curriculum in that classroom.  If you feel like art is an important part of your child’s education, or if you just want an opportunity to get in the classroom and have fun with the kids, sign up as an Art Docent.  No experience necessary!  You will be fully trained by lead docent Alyse Breece.
    Time CommitmentModerate. Hour-long lessons as schedules permit.
    How to get involved: Email Alyse Breece


    CROSSING GUARDS  Our teachers act as crossing guards but it is often difficult for them to safely release the children to their parents and then get to the crosswalk in a timely manner. We need a rotation of parents to help our students cross G Street safely. Parents need to be at the G Street crosswalk at 2:45 and stay until approximately 3:15. Additional monitors would also be welcome at the Sunnyslope crosswalk during drop-off in the mornings.

    Time Commitment: Moderate. 30-minute shift in the morning or afternoon, on a regular, rotating schedule.
    How to get involved: Email Melissa Becker


    McNear has an active Garden Education program. Each Fall and Spring the garden turns into a  rotating outdoor classroom for students K-5 that consist of science and hands-on gardening. Parent volunteers are a huge part of keeping our garden as beautiful as it is today.

    Time CommitmentModerate. The garden needs care throughout the year (including Summer). There will be periodic Garden Work Days. The program also needs volunteers to help with the teaching portion during the school year.

    How to get involved: Email the Garden Coordinator.

    LIBRARY SUPPORT  Librarian Carli Merrill doesn’t ask for assistance frequently, but she can still use it. Shelve books any time, and assist during class visits so she can work more closely with the students.
    Time Commitment: Minimal. Shelve books at any time your schedule permits or visit the library with a class on a regular basis.

    PERFORMING ARTS  Performing Arts is a volunteer-run after-school drama program designed and run by McNear parents for McNear students. Please consider taking advantage of this fabulous confidence and character-building experience.

    Our program has become so popular with the McNear community that enrollment numbers are very high. Because of this fantastic participation level, the program has been split into Primary (1-3 graders – Spring Show) and Secondary (4-6 graders – Fall Show). We are always in need of Directors, Assistant Directors, costumers, and other volunteers.

    Time Commitment: Moderate to Heavy during shows and rehearsals.

    How to get involvedContact the Performing Arts team here.


    RECESS RENAISSANCE During Recess Renaissance you will help organize, engage with and oversee outdoor activities during lunch recess time. We have access to Lego's, giant blue blocks, speakers for dance and movement as well as art supplies and books for drawing and reading. If any of these activities interest you please specify when signing up. 

    Time Commitment: Minimal, volunteers are asked to commit to 30 minutes (5 min set-up, 20 min recess, 5 min clean-up)

    How to get involvedClick here to complete the application.


    ROOM PARENT: Each class has at least one Room Parent who works with the teacher to organize class parties, help with the telephone directory, donate supplies and to assist with other parent volunteers. Room parents also welcome new families and serve as communicators in case of emergency. To volunteer, sign up on the PTA survey or with the Volunteer Coordinator.

    Time Commitment: Moderate. 
    How to get involved: Contact your child’s teacher.

    Reminder: TB test results are required by our office for all adult volunteers. Please be sure you have a current, up to date test. TB tests are done at the District Office, 200 Douglas Street, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC) The School Site Council is a collaborative governing board of McNear. The council is made up of peer-elected parents and staff members who meet once a month. The purpose of the McNear School Site Council (SSC) is to monitor programs and budget aimed at improving the academic achievement of all students. The SSC members work collaboratively to develop the Single Plan for Student Achievement, which is a plan of actions to raise and support the academic performance and climate for all students at McNear. SSC will also plan and review the work of other subcommittee or advisory groups that support our school goals. School site meetings are held monthly on Monday afternoons from 3:15- 5:00 pm. All SSC meetings are open to the public and participation is welcomed.


    SUPERINTENDENT’S LAY ADVISORY COMMITTEE (SLAC) The Superintendent’s Lay Advisory Committee (SLAC) meets monthly as a way to help disseminate information about what’s happening across the district to the various school sites. The committee is made up of the Petaluma City Schools superintendent, parent representatives from the district’s elementary, junior high, and high schools, and several members-at-large.


    BOOK FAIR  The PTA partners with Scholastic Books to sell books and raise money for the school. Kids visit the Book Fair during school hours and everyone makes a reading wishlist, including teachers. Every sale means a portion donated back to the school, so many families find this a great time to buy gifts. The last evening of the Fair culminates in a Dessert Night, when free goodies are available and families come to socialize. Fall and Spring fairs are held annually.
    Time Commitment: MinimalWork the Book Fair in 40-60 minute time slots. Set up and break down the days before and after the Fair. Bake serving-size goodies for Dessert Night.

    HARVEST CARNIVAL  This October event is a traditional community builder and tons of fun. It features traditional penny carnival games, a cake walk, a raffle of class-built gift baskets, ELAC-cooked food, and more. There are many ways to be involved: bake a cake or tray of goodies, create an attraction, run the ticket table, sell raffle tickets, sell bakes goods or popcorn.
    Time Commitment: Minimal. Collect donations in the weeks before the Carnival,1- and 2-hour shifts during the day, set up and break down in the hours before and after.

    JOG-A-THON  This event has become a beloved fundraiser that encourages kids involvement and physical activity. Kids can get pledges for either flat donations or a dollar amount given for every lap run. Grab a pen and mark each runner’s arm as they run by, help them count their laps, and get their total number recorded. Stay for just your child’s class or stand on the sidelines all day and cheer the runners on.

    Time Commitment: Minimal.One school day in the fall, 30-minute shifts or stay for the entire program.

    WISH BENEFIT This annual auction-based event raises the largest donation for the school, allocated for such important uses as technology for the classrooms and hands-on programs for the kids. The PTA Vice President of Fundraising Liz Foote chairs the event, with tremendous support from co-chair Susie Parsons and dozens of volunteers. Helpers solicit donations of goods and services from local businesses, set and clean up the day of the event, and help with sales during the night.
    Time Commitment: Minimal to Moderate. Set up and sales shifts during the night start at one hour, solicitations can be stand-alone or regular ongoing calls.

    TALENT SHOW  Willing students put on an amazing show in the spring, with offerings diverse as karate displays, songs on the piano, homemade skits, and dance numbers. Parent volunteers work with a selection of kids to hone their performances and offer moral support. Or promote the event around school, bake or sell concessions that night.
    Time Commitment: Minimal to Moderate. Bake sale before show and during intermission. Volunteers manage the auditions, coaching session, dress rehearsal and the talent show itself.