• Valley Oaks School Logo for Merchandise and Designs

    We have sweatshirts, zip up and pull-over, as well as t-shirts and they are covered in plastic and hanging in building #1 with price tags. Please look at them and buy one if you are interested! We only order a few items at a time and try to sell them all before we do another order. If you are sure you want one and the size or style is not hanging on the wooden “logo bar” then please contact Mrs. Parker and let her know what you want.  It only takes 2 weeks to receive the items! 

    You can also design and/or purchase your own merchandise by using any of the following logo designs. Some places you may try are: RushOrderTees.com, CustomInk.com, and MakeATeeOnline.com

Nora Parker with Valley Oaks t-shirts