• FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is San Antonio High School and where is it?  

    San Antonio High School offers an alternative program for students who would benefit from: 

    • Smaller school setting 
    • Close contact between students and staff 
    • More individualized instruction 

    We are located at 500 Vallejo Street, Petaluma, CA

    What is the enrollment process?

    A student will need to meet with his/her current school counselor, who will assist in determining if the placement seems appropriate, and then bring the transfer request to the district Transition Team.

    The Transition Team will act on the request, considering the student’s attendance, achievement, aptitude, and behavior; space available at the school; and whether the school can adequately address any special needs or circumstances the student might have. 

    NOTE: There is often a waiting list for available spaces. Students must continue attending and completing work in their current placement until the actual day of transfer. Failing to do so may be cause to delay transfer.

    What are the school hours?

    The school day goes from 8:30 AM to 2:34, with the teachers providing instruction from 8:30 AM to 2:15 PM (11:30 on Wednesdays). From 2:34– 3:15 PM each day is reserved for the teachers’ prep time and office hours; however, it is also an independent study period for those who need the extra time to catch up or to get ahead.   The instructional day is organized into short, focused periods.

    What district services are available at San Antonio High School?

    Students are entitled to all district services for which they qualify, including free or reduced lunches, counseling, and appropriate assessments. A Resource Specialist support is available for qualified students. 
    Who are the staff members at San Antonio High School? The staff consists of teachers and other personnel who provide additional clerical, counseling, and administrative support. The entire staff is committed to serving the needs of individual students by providing a high-quality program with an integrated curriculum.