Mr. Lamansky



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lamansky

8th Grade US History

Washington DC Trip Coordinator (This is not a school or district sponsored trip.)

  • I hope all are doing well. Rest assured that I do not plan on slamming you with work. My hope is to streamline the curriculum and hit the key points on issues that faced our country. I also want to improve our writing skills. This includes expressing yourself clearly and completely with well thought out arguments.

    If you have already joined our new Google Classroom thank you. If not please do so ASAP. At least at the beginning I will also be posting on my website. However, I expect everything to be turned in using Google Classroom unless other arrangements have been made.

    Class codes are:

    1st Period: jnhdv2d

    2nd Period: bondec2

    3rd Period: trksmrk

    4th Period: 3lxv2id

    6th Period: gdnun4w

    Although we officially do not start until Monday March 30 I plan on posting the first assignments this Friday. I will be posting assignment twice a week. Assignments posted on Friday mornings will be due Wednesday. Assignments posted on Wednesday mornings will be due that Friday. So our first assignments that will be posted this Friday will be due Wednesday April 1 at 3pm.