• Thank You!

    We are fortunate to be a part of a wonderful community that has been supportive of our students and our program.  There are a number of organizations and individuals who have donated time, money, and materials to help us offer greater opportunities to our students.


    Through a number of grants, the Petaluma Educational Foundation has funded various projects that have helped us improve our school. Our students built a shed to store some of our supplies, helping to leave the classrooms more organized.  The students also created a patio area where they can eat their lunch while also creating a sense of ownership and pride regarding their school.  The classrooms have also benefited from  SMART Board technology that was purchased with the help of PEF funding.

    In 2015, RISE (then Crossroads) was awarded a Major Impact Grant for "Enhancing Physical Education at Crossroads" to purchase supplies to implement Cross Training and Archery into the Physical Education curium for all students.


    The Rotary Club has also provided multiple grants that have allowed our students to proceed with projects.  The students have built planter boxes, which have been used to create and maintain a garden which has provided some food in addition to educational opportunities.  To help with our garden, and other school gardens in Petaluma, our students have built worm bins which were then donated to other Petaluma schools to assist with composting as well as offering more educational opportunities in the community.

    Kiwanis Club of Petaluma

    The Kiwanis Club of Petaluma awarded RISE, then Crossroads, a Micro-grant that helped fund the purchase of fitness mats to support our Physical Education courses with our annual Fitness Gram preparation and testing.

    Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

    For several years, our students have had the opportunity to see a number of shows, broadening their exposure to other cultures.  Thanks are also extended to the Wells Fargo Bus Fund which has helped make these opportunities accessible.

    Petaluma Garden Club

    The Garden Club has awarded us with grant money to help with materials for our students to improve their gardens. Additionally, our students will use the garden to learn about nutrition.

    Petaluma Coffee & Tea Co.

    A local company in business since 1989, the Petaluma Coffee and Tea Company was generous enough to donate some burlap bags which will be used by the school.