McKinley Five Minute Film Festival

  • Each Spring, McKinley students participate in the McKinley Five Minute Film Festival. This festival is in conjunction with the Petaluma City Schools Five Minute Film Festival. The District page has many examples and tools for students to use.

    Each year, the Film Festival has a new theme. The theme for 2020 is "WHAT LIES BEYOND."

    Current guidelines:

    • Any length up to 5 minutes - If your film is over 5 minutes (including credits), your film will be disqualified.
    • All submissions must be student-created and abide by Copyright and Fair Use Policy.
    • Films must be school appropriate. No profanity, inappropriate gestures, etc. Think G or PG rating. 
    • Students may submit only one individual film, although additional participation in group submissions is permitted.
    • All films must be uploaded to Google Drive.
    • The McKinley Film Festival will use the District rubric for judging.

    2020 McKinley Festival Submissions

    To submit a film, students must upload their film to Google Drive and share the
    link with their teacher. Teachers will submit their top 6 films to Mr. Berry by March
    6, 2020.

    There will be three categories: a TK-4 category, a 5-6 category, and a 7-8 category.

    The top three films in each category will be recognized at The McKinley Film Festival screening on March 27.

    All submissions must also include a PDF of a film poster to advertise the film. The posters should be:

      1. 11” x 17” size, in portrait orientation 
      2. Poster should reflect film
      3. Advertising film - eye-catching
      4. Image - drawing, photo, film frame
      5. Include title and students' names
      6. It should give a hint what the film is about
      7. Be uploaded to google drive and have link sharing turned on