• About Us

    SGA (Sixth Grade Academy) is designed to help students with the transition from elementary school to junior high. Its unique nature as an insulated sixth-grade program on a junior high campus allows for a gradual transition while providing opportunities to participate in certain junior high offerings.

    SGA Students Get...

    • More than one teacher
    • The chance to get used to the junior high schedule early
      • 3 periods per day
      • A/B day schedule
    • Junior High Opportunities
      • Integrated band
      • Integrated physical education
      • Participation in spirit activities such as rallies and dances
    • Field trips (Walker Creek, Mystic Theater, Bodega Bay, and more)



    Students at Sixth Grade Academy follow the junior high schedule, which includes one elective in either band or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

    • BAND is taken with 7th and 8th grade students.
    • STEM is central to the program and includes robotics and coding opportunities.


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to successfully engage students in a dynamic, rigorous, and challenging 21st-century learning experience with access to a comprehensive junior high school elective program.